MEDIsyntex media

MEDIsyntex media

Maximum protection for your health, whilst being comfortable to the touch on your skin

  • The media MEDIsyntex 20, S20, S20R are suitable for production of medical face masks type II or type IIR (EN14683: 2019), which are intended for use by medical professionals in medical facilities to protect the entire work environment
  • The medium MEDIsyntex S110 is suitable for the production of respiratory protective devices/filtration half masks which are used for personnel protection in hazardous and health endangering¬† areas, especially to protect against Covid-19

Product Versions

Type Standardization Specifications
MEDIsyntex 20 EN 14683:2019 - Typ II Download
MEDIsyntex S20 EN 14683:2019 - Typ II Download
MEDIsyntex S110 RfU PPE-R/02.075 V2 (COVID-19) Download
MEDIsyntex S20R EN 14683:2019 - Typ IIR Download

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