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Volz Filters is a family-run company with a long tradition that successfully continues in the 3rd generation. Our vision is to be a financially independent company, to become one of the most innovative manufacturers and suppliers of air filtration products and related services within the fields of air conditioning, painting, drying as well as gas turbines and compressor technology and at the same time to create entry into new business areas.

Our products

VOLZ Filters is developing, manufacturing and selling filtration media and filter products. Our media and products are used in air conditioning and ventilation, painting and drying applications and for gas turbines.

In addition to a range of high quality filter products, VOLZ Filters also offers a variety of different services. Some examples of these services are: Technical consulting, training courses, filter management and particle measurement on site.

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VOLZ Luftfilter GmbH & Co. KG

Werk 2–7
Manfred-Volz-Straße 3
72160 Horb am Neckar

+49 (0) 7451 – 5516-0
+49 (0) 7451 – 5516-120

United Kingdom

Volz Filters UK Ltd.

Agecroft Commerce Park
Unit 1 Canary Way, Swinton
Manchester M27 8AW

+44 (0)161 – 743 – 4190


VOLZ Filters SK s.r.o.

Československej armády 10121/3
036 01 Martin

+421 (0)43 – 3210287


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